Work from Home Cleaning Services

Work at home businesses can  sometimes be born in the most unlikely places!

In 2005, Marjorie Bradford found herself  out of work, a single mother of two school age children, and unable to find a job.  With finances dwindling and her  medical insurance skyrocketing, she knew she needed to pull herself together and find a source of revenue.

While she was at a doctor’s appointment for a routine checkup, she over heard the physician mentioning that the person she had hired to clean her home had once again failed to show up; and could not be reached.  The doctor was lamenting that she was in a bind because she was having a gathering at her home that evening.

Marjorie has often said, that in the examining room, overhearing  her physician, is where “Marjorie’s Cleaning Service” was born.  Marjorie is well known by family and friends (and anyone who enters her home) as an  immaculate housekeeper.

She spoke with her physician about cleaning her home that afternoon and the grateful doctor agreed.

Armed with the physician’s address, a key to the home, and  her own cleaning supplies (including her trusty canister vacuum,) Marjorie cleaned the two floor, colonial home from top to bottom in four hours and collected $80.00 for her cleaning and a $20 tip!

That evening, Marjorie received a phone call from the physician and was offered the once a week cleaning job at $20 per hour!

Within two months, Marjorie, through referrals from the physician, was booked for three days a week, then four, then five days a week.  Some homes were scheduled to be cleaned once a week, others once every other week and still others once a month.

By the end of six months, Marjorie was earning a $800 a week.

Today, Marjorie has a steady clientele.  Her office is in her home and her overhead is minimal.

(She is bonded, has replaced three vacuum cleaners, prefers to use her own supplies, and uses tax write offs for all travel expenses and cleaning supplies).

Included in her  supplies is a list of “how to remove any possible stain: , a list of reputable painters, carpet cleaners, window washers, plumbers, to give to her clients when they need to have these services.

Throughout the years, she has maintained an excellent reputation and is in demand! She has hired a CPA to keep all her records.

Though Marjorie created an built her business by referrals, other individual cleaning services have used advertising via newspapers, flyers, business card drops, and vinyl signs on vehicles to gain customers. You can also create an inexpensive website promoting your business!

If a cleaning service is the type of industry you would like to create, you need good communication skills.  This will be your business.  You need to communicate clearly what your job will entail.  Will you wash walls and windows?   You also need to be bonded.  That’s for your protection. What is your hourly rate? Or will you charge by the house?  You also have to be organized so you can clean quickly and efficiently and leave for your next job.

You need to know where the best discount stores are in your area to purchase cleaning supplies so that expense doesn’t cut into your profits. Marjorie also has a written contract with her clients which clearly states her wages, and her job description.  She also has references from her clients.

Cleaning Services  can be a lucrative home based business!

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  1. Avatar of LTruex LTruex says:

    This a great story and a perfect example of being able to recognize opportunity when it knocks!

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